Energy Labels 2017-12-20T14:43:23+00:00

What do the New Regulations Require?

  • From the 1st January 2018 solid fuel local space heating appliances (and oil and gas local space heaters) must be sold with a printed label which shows their heat output and energy efficiency index.
  • This is a very different efficiency measurement to the one provided in the standard CE test.
  • Boiler stoves and cookers which heat water will also need to have the heat output to water on the label.
  • All Henley Stoves Manufactured in September 2017 or Afterwards will come with Energy Efficiency Labels as Standard.
  • If you require Energy Labels for Your Showroom or Customers, please download from Link opposite.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If printing Energy Labels, they should be printed at Exact Size, In Full Colour and Should be Attached to Front of Stove Glass